Maamuu is a small company from Canton Ticino, Switzerland. It is headed by two fathers:

Alessandro, 45 y.o., experienced mechanical engineer, father of Tommy, 6 y.o.;


Emmanuele, 41 y.o., automotive designer and father of Dara, 5 y.o., and Elia 1 y.o

Why making such fine toys?

Rejecting a "throw-away" mentality.

Far before becoming fathers ourselves, we realized we were often negatively impressed by the general trend regarding toys, above all regarding the "throwaway" philosophy.
We do not want kids to get used to cheap, fragile, poorly designed things: the idea that you can dispose of an object with light heart because you can easily buy a new one is a distortion of common sense.

Durable, adjustable, fixable... beautiful.

Our background, our family tradition too, lead us to produce durable, adjustable, fixable objects. My grandfather shaved each morning for 50 years with the same straight razor. He had to sharpen the blade hundreds of times, had to make a new handle by himself to replace the broken one. But that was "his" razor, the one that shared his image in the mirror each morning, and not just "a" razor.

Living materials

We are not against plastics, on the contrary, we think they are fundamental to our lives. But we think other more traditional materials are uncomparably more fascinating: metal and wood, they are living materials, they change with time, need care, require the little user (and their parents) to know the toy better. Not to mention safety issues deriving from plastics... That's why we tend to privilege metal, wood, natural fabrics over plastics in our toys.

Hand your toy down to your child!

We want the design of our toys to be stunningly beautiful, to give your children something to remember with pleasure when they are adult. And possibly, to produce such well-made toys that your children will be able to hand them down to their own children.