Where does the name Maamuu come from?

The choice of our company's name has both an emotional background and a practical reason. Moreover it produced an incredible coincidence.

Emotional background
When it came to the choice of the name of our company, we had plenty of blurred ideas. Somehow we thought that my nickname sounded funny and childlike.
My name is Emmanuele. The usual shortening for such a long name would be Manu, at least for those who speak Italian as a first language.
Since I was boy however, I got the nickname MAMU. It happened because a little niece of mine could not pronounce the letter M. She started to address to me as Mamu… and that simply became a habit for relatives and friends as well.

Practical reason
We really liked the name Mamu. Unfortunately, the name was already taken in the Commerce Register of Switzerland. And since we live in the era of internet, we also had to choose something that would allow us to register the domains of our interest (well mainly .ch and .de). With Mamu nothing was available.
We tried to find something similar to Mamu, and, after many tries, landed on MAAMUU. “It sounds good, it’s something between mama and the mooing of a cow”. Perfect, we registered the company, domains and trademarks as Maamuu.
It’s a nightmare when you have to spell an e-mail address at the phone, but perfect nonetheless.

Incredible coincidence
A couple of years after the foundation of the company, we were already producing some toys, and we had to build our own social network. Among others, we created our YouTube channel.
While monitoring the metrics of our videos, we got quite a surprise: at the beginning, 60% of the traffic on our channel was generated in Mongolia. Mongolia?????
Would it be possible, that Maamuu has a meaning in Mongolian? Yes, it does. Maamuu in Mongolian means… CHILD.
Now, isn’t that a sign of fate?

Emmanuele, co-founder of Maamuu S.a.g.l.